Our Team

Cara Chard, City Growers Cara Chard

Executive Director
City Growers
Adores rainbow chard for its bright colors and excellent name

Nicole-Sherman_fuzzy_175 Nicki Sherman

Program Manager
City Growers
Sweet as a sugar snap pea

Courtney Epton Courtney Epton

Director of Education
City Growers
Finds magic in a melon

Beth_Pierson Elizabeth Pierson

Deputy Director
City Growers
Loves the versatility of lemon verbena

MallorySustick Mallory Sustick

Lead Farm Educator & Communications Coordinator
City Growers
Refreshed by the crunch of a cool cucumber in the city’s summer heat

Samantha Johnson Samantha Johnson

After School Program Director
City Growers
When it comes to peppers, the hotter the better

Hillary Horowitz Hillary Horowitz

Farm Educator & After School Group Leader
City Growers
Puts the “nut” in butternut squash

Board of Directors
Ellice Lee, Freelance Graphic Designer Ellice Lee

Revels in the earthiness of root vegetables

Reid Belford, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Reid Belford

Director, Head of Corporate Development North America
Westport Insurance Corporation
Thinks brussel sprouts are delicious

Alia Ornstein-Roberts, Brooklyn Grange Alia Ornstein-Roberts

Farming & Sales Manager
Brooklyn Grange
Fondly recalls eating raspberries (“malinky” in Polish) in her grandfather’s garden

Hanna Orowitz Hannah Orowitz

Assistant General Counsel
XL Group
Avocado fiend

Frank-Raffaele_fuzzy_175 Frank Raffaele

Owner & CEO
In Coney Island, rhubarb thrived in the family garden when nothing else would

Joanne Taylor, B&B Hospitality Group Joanne Taylor

Retired Chief Financial Officer
B & B Hospitality Group
Blue Hubbard squash has stolen her heart

Andres Ledesma Andres Ledesma

Public Affairs Specialist, Queens
Consolidated Edison
Toss him a kiwi, splash him with tumeric

Viney Maykut Viney Maykut

Development Consultant
Enchanted by the duality of a delicate but spicy nasturtium

Eric Proulx Eric Proulx

Vice President, Corporate Finance & Advisory
Mizuho Bank
Brassicas run in his family

Sergeant, Kimika_t Kimika Sergeant

Director, Consulting
Rosetta, a Razorfish Company
Bok choy is always a good idea

Advisory Board
Susan Iger, CUNY TV Susan Iger

CUNY TV, Gail Yancosek Consulting
Tomato grower, tomato lover

Anastasia Cole Plakias, Brooklyn Grange Anastasia Cole Plakias

Vice President & Founding Partner
Brooklyn Grange
Loves the THWOOSH sound a daikon radish makes when pulled from the ground

Gwen Schantz, Brooklyn Grange Gwen Schantz

Chief Operating Officer & Founding Partner
Brooklyn Grange
Never tires of the surprise of pulling back a leaf and finding a summer squash