What We Do
City Growers is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization based in New York City. Our hands-on educational programs at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farms aim to close a fundamental gap in the experience of inner city residents by providing meaningful opportunities to interact with the natural world. By bringing urban students to a place of modern agricultural production and engaging them in inquiry-based activities, students learn where our food comes from and why it matters, while improving their understanding of natural sciences, cultivating an appreciation for both nature and green infrastructure, and empowering them to create positive change in their own communities.

City Growers provides educational experiences for schools, youth groups, and summer camps looking to deepen students’ understanding about agriculture, food, and the urban environment. We partner with schools, community organizations, and nonprofits that share our vision to plan and implement long-term experiential education programs on rooftop farms, in school gardens, and in classrooms across the city. City Growers hosts free workshops and educational farm activities for New York City families on Family Farm Days.

Our History
In 2010, Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm built its flagship farm seven stories above busy Northern Boulevard in Queens. Word of the spectacular then-fledgling farm spread quickly, and field trip requests flooded in. The Brooklyn Grange co-founders recognized that, in addition to growing and selling fresh produce to the local community, the farm itself could function as a unique learning laboratory. In 2011, City Growers was founded as a separately-funded nonprofit organization, with the purpose of fully utilizing the farm’s educational potential for young people in New York City.

Since receiving our first grant from the Greening Western Queens Fund in 2012, over 32,000 students citywide have participated in City Growers’ programs. Today, City Growers runs a comprehensive SONYC afterschool program for 6-8 graders in Brooklyn, an agricultural training and peer education internship for high school students in Queens, and offers a full menu of educational experiences for students from preschool through high school on both of Brooklyn Grange’s green roof farms.

Our Team

Cara Chard, City Growers
Cara Chard
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