City Growers empowers young people to envision a greener and healthier future. We aim to close a fundamental gap in the experience of urban children by creating opportunities for them to meaningfully interact with the natural world and reconnect with food’s origin from the earth. We want to see more green roofs, more community gardens, more urban farms, equal access to healthy food, cleaner air and waterways, and more innovative urban spaces to grow and learn. It is our duty and honor to provide today’s children the tools and inspiration they need to change the world tomorrow.

City Growers strives to educate the whole child, and believes that all kids can benefit from getting their hands in the soil, singing songs, dancing, and laughing. We have found that wonder, coupled with opportunity for true exploration, cultivates real learning. We know that the health of our environment and the health of our bodies is inextricably linked. We know that eating a ripe sungold tomato straight from the vine can turn a picky eater into a vegetable lover. We open children’s eyes to how food is grown, and empower them to grow it themselves, right here in the city.

We see the children and teens that participate in our programs as the leaders, policymakers, engineers, teachers, farmers, and activists of tomorrow. Giving young people a new perspective on our urban environment activates imaginations and provides a new lens through which to view the potential of our city and world. Each day, City Growers is cultivating healthy, informed, dynamic change makers who understand the importance of real food, grown well.

 Look up… we’re growing.