City Growers’ farm workshops and farm intensives (multi-visit programs) take place atop Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farms in Long Island City, Queens, and in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. All workshops (described below) are facilitated using hands-on, experiential learning methodologies for students in Pre-K through 12th grade from April-November, and may be scheduled at either location. Book today!

City Growers is proud to offer programming aligned with the highest standards of learning. Click here for a look at how our farm workshops fit with the NYC Science Scope and Sequence and Next Generation Science Standards for grades K-8. Check back soon for our high school standards connections!

Farm Explore_thumb_fadeFarm Explore
K-12, April – November, 90 min
Look up! There’s a farm on the roof! Learn about all the natural processes that occur on a green roof farm. Farm Explore provides a great introduction to urban agriculture, allowing students to witness a sustainable, working farm in action. Students of all ages will engage in hands-on lessons about where food comes from, plant science, composting, honey bees, and chickens. While specific activities change from season to season, Farm Explore lessons are structured around a comprehensive tour of Brooklyn Grange.  $200 public/$400 independent

Insect Investigators_thumb_fadeInsect Investigators
K-12, May – October, 90 min
Farms are the ideal places to witness biodiversity in action. In this 90-minute field trip, students will discover both beneficial “helper” insects and harmful pests that make farming challenging. Students will engage in organic pest management practices, identify and examine insects and worms, and plant seeds to cultivate pollinator pathways. This workshop allows students to gain a deeper understanding of ecosystems, habitats, and the food chain through the fascinating microcosm of the insect world. $200 public/$400 independent 

Honey Bee Education_thumb_fadeHoneybee Education
K-12, June – September, 90 min
Honeybees play an important role in agriculture, and their health is indicative of the health of our environment. Unfortunately, honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate, sounding an alarm to farmers and environmentalists alike that something must change. This 90-minute field trip allows students to use their five senses to explore the intricate world of a bee colony. Students will observe the inner working of a honeybee super-organism through a glass observation hive (weather permitting), plant bee-friendly crops, and taste the delicious honey that bees work so hard to produce. $275 public/$450 independent

Rainbow on Your Plate_thumb_fadeRainbow On Your Plate
K-12, June-October, four 90-minute sessions
Vegetables taste best when eaten right off the plant. In this 4-week nutrition education program, students plant seeds, cultivate plants organically, and harvest delicious vegetables to prepare healthy meals in a true farm-to-table experience. Each session engages students in crop cultivation and food preparation, and culminates in a healthy, farm-fresh, family-style meal at Brooklyn Grange’s scenic community table. $850 public/$1575 independent

growing-urban-farmers_thumb_fade_2Growing Urban Farmers
K-12, April-October, four 90-minute sessions
Growing Urban Farmers provides urban students the opportunity to meaningfully interact with the natural world on one of the largest rooftop farms in the world. This multi-workshop experiential education program at Brooklyn Grange can occur during school hours or during the summer. Students will deepen their understanding of life cycles and biological processes through participation in composting, crop cultivation, seed saving, soil testing, and pollinator conservation. Activities vary by season. $800 public/$1500 independent


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